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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Bedroom Eyes

This picture is a play on words. What if a bedroom did have eyes what would it look like. I do often think that if we stopped and thought about what we spoke we would find it very humorous and funny. Well I do anyway he he. So here is my version of bedroom eyes. For more of my Art work you can check out my Facebook page and follow here is the link

A Deadly Laugh

Here is a drawing I did a good while ago. It is a part of a serious of drawings I am doing and this is just one half of it. I still have to figure out how I am going to make it work. Hope you like it and as always for more of my Art work check out my Facebook Art page here is the link

Doll in the Long Grass

This picture came from a day that I had loads of creative energy and could not focus it in to the pictures I was working on. I decided to try something different and work with different paints and this is what came out. Hope you like it. If you would like to follow me or check more of my Art work here is my Facebook Art page link

The Man with the Long Fingers

 This picture is inspired from my Childhood Fears Theme. I was the only girl and the youngest of four brothers. They scared me to death as a child, it was all fun and games but to this day I am still afraid of the dark. One particular thing that scared me was the story of my brother telling me the man with the long fingers was going to get me and still to this day he says it. ha ha. So I decided to paint the image. Here it is. If you would like to view more of my art check out my facebook page here is the link

Pouring out your Heart and Soul

Hello good world. Here is a picture I did a while ago. It's title is pouring out your heart and soul. It is for them days you just want to tilt your head to the side like a tea pot and pour all your emotions out. Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by. I you would like to view more of my Art work visit my facebook page here is the link