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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Fearless Faceless Fun

as a child we always had swings in the back yard and the freedom of swinging on a swing was the best feeling ever it always felt you were going so fast that nobody could see you so thats where fearless faceless fun came from 

Pain in the Rain

this picture is just when sometimes you just want to be alone for me i love being alone in nature when i feel sad it really makes me feel so happy by the time i come out of the woods i do be on top of the world its like a little break from the people 

Cars In Your Eyes

this is one of my doodle i love classic cars i love old vintage stuff i do think i am definitely an old soul its done in charcoal 

Rock of Dunamaise

this is a painting of the Rock of Dunamaise in Co. Laois i wanted to challenge myself to do a landscape as i dont really do many they are not really my thing i can appreciate them but they are just not to my taste maybe il come back to them later on in life again

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Pedal to the Metal

this is another one of my doodles i love old classical stuff to decided to draw the penny farthing bike people must have been fit as fiddles to cycle them they would have to have been like giant ants to get on one but they are lovely to look at 

Singing Tunes with My Balloons

this is another charcoal and chalk drawing i love balloons and top hats so decided to just do a balloon seller it seems like a nice day for him anyway