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Friday, 7 February 2014

Floods of Fun

There is so much flooding in Ireland at the moment. It inspired me to do this picture called floods of fun. It was nice to draw on black paper with white pencil again. Thanks as always for stopping by you an check out more of my Artwork on Facebook here is a link to the page

Garden Ornaments

This is my first commission of the year and what a great way to start it with something unusual. I was giving these stones and asked to paint pictures on them, so here is the before and after result. I found it really enjoyable, I hope you like the result too. Thanks as always for stopping by, for more work check out my Facebook Art page and follow here is the link

Nursing my Eye (left hand drawing)

I am ambidextrous but I usually use my right hand for drawing and writing. But I said I am going to start using my left hand a bit more, so here is a left hand drawing I did. I had sore eyes at the time so that is what inspired this picture. Thanks as always for stopping by here is a link to my Facebook Art page if you would like to follow more of my work

Handmade Journals

Here is two Art journals I made recently for two wonderful friends. One is an Artist and a writer and the other friend is a fairytale writer, so for their birthday's I decided to make each of them their own journals. Here is the result. Thanks for dropping by for more Art work you can follow me on facebook here is a link to my Art page

Crazy Day's

Hi all. I created this piece one day I felt a bit mad within my own head. You know them days you get where you feel your soul and body have detached in a moment of madness. I was full of creative energy but could not really focus so here is what came out for more work you can visit my facebook Art page here is the link