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Monday, 22 October 2012

Car Park Creature

This is a quick little sketch i did as i was getting out of the car in the car park one night at a quick glance the fire hose on the wall looked like a person so i decided to draw it :D

Shut Your Jazz Mouth

i was just experimenting with this one i was drawing a dolls head and put a jazzy fox in her mouth so when she goes to sing this is what happens in her mouth then i just scorched the paper to make the fox more defined 

Tribal Tripping

i did this design as a teenager on white paper but it got lost along the way so decided to paint it out on canvas with an orange background was very relaxing to do 

Crystal Window

i did this picture for the band Kafanha i was asked to listen to the album and come up with an album cover so this is what their music inspired me to create it is a monkey driving through a crystal window out into a sea of spirals it is now Kafanha's album cover 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Puppet Party

this picture i did for the band adela and the meanits i love their music and also they look great visually with their puppets so i decided to reverse them put the puppets in charge for a change :D

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Scream Cream

this is one of the pieces from an exhibition i had it is an ice cream van flying over the ice cream planet to pick up a few more scoops to travel to other planets the little creatures inside are the ice cream workers 

Nanny News

another piece of the exhibition i had a bit of a cold and any time i asked my boyfriend had he any news it sounded like nanny news so i wonder what would nanny news look like and here she is 

Dolly Duvet Head

lots of my ideas come from when im just in that space between being half awake and about to drop off to sleep so this is what came into my head what if my duvet was a big dolls head and could run all over the place wouldnt it be sweet :D

Painting My Nails Under the C

this piece means alot to me i gave it away as a gift and had to ask for it back as i missed it so much and gave the friend a different piece my father is a plumber and this is suppose to be me as a little girl so it reminds me of my relationship with my father 

Cannonball Assassin

i was on the bus to Dublin when i came up with this picture i was just sketching a teddy bear and he turned into a pirate with cannonball arms its a play on death in the hopscotch not to be taking too serious 

Matchstick Leg Mice

ha ha this one is a memory from my childhood my brother had a drawer with around 60 to 70 mice in it and he kept it on the stairs with chicken wire over it but one night all the mice escaped after they ate a hole in the drawer but one mouse broke its leg and my brother put a matchstick on it to help it heal so this is where this picture came from the house was full of mice for years after it and the neighbours too 

Two Strolling Doors

this picture is based on the negative and positive there is a woods out the road and when you walk down the lane there is a white house but you can go either direction of the house so the doors are which road are you willing to take the dark road or bright road but its in a fun way 

Boodieman Beans

this picture came from a dream i had as a child i thought the boodie man came out of the wardrobe and was combing my hair and he was covered in these drippy beans so i started to blow dry him it felt so real to me at the time im still convinced it happened 

Pocket Watcher

i love pocket watches but i decided to twist the word a bit to pocket watcher so i have a man like a god in the watch looking at the pocket with two alien like creatures beside him 

Rainbox Bows

this one is also a play on words as in what if a box had rain with a bow on it so its basically all boxes in it some have fell into the watery road and are swimming and others are falling from the sky its just one for fun not one of my favorites but other people seem to like it so maybe it might grow on me 

3 Tree Scabby Knee

this one is also from childhood i was a very awkward child always falling or bleeding i should have been called plaster but i would always pick the scabs of my cuts disgusting i know but i often thought what if some day i looked in and there was another land in there :D 

Clever Cogs

this one is the first picture i tried in this style i done this one day as i was frustrated at being told to stop always scribbling on an art course i did but it lead me onto the rest of my pictures so listen to your heart not to what other people tell you hence that's why i didn't go to art college im following my own dream and this was one of the four pieces that sold in the exhibition it is a representation on myself turning my cogs of my imagination   

Badge of Life

this one stemmed from a time i was struggling a bit with my emotions so it is basically the heart and brain having a row but the heart always wins 

Landing on the Landon

ha when i hear its up on the landon or get your shoes from the landon it always sounded like land on as a place things could land also it can be a place of fun the top of the stairs so its just a fun picutre