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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Trolly dolly

this is a quick painting of my troll that my nanny gave me as a child i still have that big troll today i love it 

My piano is a mess

i love piano's its my favorite instrument and sound i will learn it someday for now il have to stick with a xylophone but i just put all the pieces of a piano to make up this image  

land escape

this is a painting of the front of a house i used to live in it was my most favorite place in the world but the landlord died and the place died with him i moved out but i still miss it dearly to this day it was the only thing i ever got attached to in my life but at least i still have this image and a good memory 

The going on's in my mouth

this is just another experimental picture of the inside of a mouth of what if's something like this really went on 

Top of the hat to you

i love top hats and decided to pay tribute by painting one i do believe i was a gentleman in a past life 

Shadows in the night

this is me as a child being entrapped by all my fears and shadows of darkness

Knock Knock who's on the other side

this is a pretty big painting of if you looked in through a key hole what might you find it has an air of creepiness to it i went through a phase of not being able to draw or paint without it looking creepy

Dolly's head under the bed

this is a painting but the face is made of latex its suppose to be a big creepy dolls head it has the alphabet all over it aswell when its up close