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Monday, 22 October 2012

Car Park Creature

This is a quick little sketch i did as i was getting out of the car in the car park one night at a quick glance the fire hose on the wall looked like a person so i decided to draw it :D

Shut Your Jazz Mouth

i was just experimenting with this one i was drawing a dolls head and put a jazzy fox in her mouth so when she goes to sing this is what happens in her mouth then i just scorched the paper to make the fox more defined 

Tribal Tripping

i did this design as a teenager on white paper but it got lost along the way so decided to paint it out on canvas with an orange background was very relaxing to do 

Crystal Window

i did this picture for the band Kafanha i was asked to listen to the album and come up with an album cover so this is what their music inspired me to create it is a monkey driving through a crystal window out into a sea of spirals it is now Kafanha's album cover