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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Rise Of The Planet Of The Tapes

when i went to the steam rally i seen this little music box so my mind went into over drive and i decided to draw a tape land 

Monday, 16 January 2012

Technical drawings for perfume bottles

i was asked would i do out the mechanical drawings of two perfume bottles and different angles for a man so this is the result


i was commissioned to do these i do portraits for people but if im being very honest about it if you want a picture of the person keep the photo as a drawing might resemble it and be very like it but to me its lifeless and the persons soul isnt in it and i know as an artist i shouldnt say it but i just find portraits very cold 


there were my first two caricatures to do for two mad jedward fans called holly and brian hence the name brolly 

Left Handed French Owl

well this little guy was drawn with my left hand i usually draw right handed as its the stronger hand but im ambidextrous and work with both so i said id draw a picture with my left hand and this my friend is my french little owl in the wind  

Words of One

i was commissioned for this piece for a fan of U2 through my brother still i do think the words have a lovely meaning and i do think an act of kindness means more than a thousand words