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Monday, 20 August 2012

T Tree

i absolutely love tea so i thought what if you were out side and could just cut your own tea of a tree and it was in the shape of a t i also love magpies so i thought it would fit well in this picture  

Radio Active

this one i did for a friend who loves music and architecture so i decided to combine the two  

I Need a Fix

this picture represents addictions in all forms when i hear the phrase i need a fix this is what pops to mind what if people could walk up to the i need a fix hole and got there lose screws tightened 


this picture was done after i went to get tested for allergies and the woman did some energy healing and balanced my energies this picture just flowed right out through me when i got home

Empty Vessels Make the Most Noise

for me this picture is about life and death and people who are loud it is to represent the dead at rest and in coffins where the open coffin is an empty vessel and it has a vessel on the outside screaming which represents most of life 

Look at Moo Hair

this picture i did because i love cows and a dear friend i work with is a farmer and loves Scottish cows so i did this for her birthday as i had no money but i ended up giving her a different Scottish cow with a different background and kept this for an exhibition