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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

May the russian airforce be with you

when i was trying to sell a few paintings at the market in Mountrath market i used to go around and have a look in other stalls some very unusual and interesting objects but the girl i was on the stall with spotted this wonderful jacket and commented on how nice it was so i went over to ask the price and it was only 3 euro so i bought it the woman told me it was a part of the Russian Air Force so its one of my best buys and i love it 

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Handy Doodly

this is just a collection of drawings i had in a sketch book i love drawing tools maybe because my father is a plumber and i was always surrounded by so many of them that i just love there purpose and shape but yeah its just a few drawing :D

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Family ties

the first picture is a quick pen sketch of me as a child with my mother and father and the second one is a man and woman and a child with a lead looking sad its to represent that your fears come from your parents and it will always be tied to them because thats where you learn between all your emotions 

dinks and inks

here is another collection of a few drawings and sketches with water color i love classic cars and find them enjoyable to draw and paint i also love top hats and drawing people in top hats

frightening furniture

i decided to investigate my childhood fears though art for a while and put up all my fears and what i was afraid of as a child i did find furniture like under beds and wardrobes very frightening i still to this day cant sleep with the light off

Pokey the painter

this are just quick paintings just experimental ones the bottom one is just paint scrapped into to make a picture 

Man gettin a tan

these are the results of some life drawings its terrible but you really do have to treat the person as an object but the model was very relaxed which made me feel at ease i like the quick one of the man twice in the picture it reminds me of two u.f.o's or something 

My little dinky with its broken wheel

i had a little dinky so i decided to do some studies on it for observational reasons and its little wheel fell off but it made it more interesting for me even though i strive for perfection for myself i like other things not to be so perfect around me it gives them more character 

eary eye o

these are just two more pictures apart of my childhood fears study the first one is just a bed in a room and the second one is when you look in the mirror in the dark i find there is something creepy about it 

Uncomfortable blankets

this would make any child cry but the top one is an uncomfortable blanket as a child is always given a comfort blanket i decided what would it be like to do the opposite its made of chicken wire the picture below is teddys with there heads gone i cut off all the heads and sewed them together they were all my own childhood teddys i got my brother to get down out of the attic it was another uncomfortable blanket i still haven't got around to finishing it ye 

Childhood reflection

this piece was a mirror that i had broke but i fixed it up and decided to do a childhood reflection it is me at the end of the stairs it always looks bigger as a child but in my mind i always felt like there was something else there and the fear of the stairs i was so scared of it i find its a very lonely place to be 

Dolls heads and finger puppets put to bed

these are made out of clay and glazed they are scary dolls and arm puppets which are apart of the childhood fears theme again