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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Comfort Blankey

I got back a few of my childhood toys last week so i decided to make a comfort blanket out of all the teddybear's heads my fingers were bleeding after i had it completed but i am happy with the result and am now using it as a throw over the back of the couch i got a few more toys that i will do other stuff with too i am also trying to work on a massive drawing that i want to enter into competitions and it is taking a long time and other stuff i want to exhibit so i cant put them up but hope your enjoy these few small bits i do put up thanks for looking :D

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Scarlet Doll from The Amongdum Tribe

This is another doll i designed as you can see i have a before and after picture of Scarlet she was just a plain Jane until i cut her hair off and gave her a makeover she has joined a new developed Tribe called the Amongdum Tribe the pictures are not of great quality as i do not have a proper camera at the moment hope to get one in the next few months so the pictures will look better i will be working on more dolls but thats all i will be putting up as im only going to be putting up little samples of my work from now on and not everything so hope ye enjoy :D

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Delia and The Dark Horse

This is Delia Doll i bought a doll in the 2 euro shop today and decided to give her a makeover i cut off all her hair as i always wondered what it felt like since my brothers cut the hair off all my dolls ha ha i can see its quiet enjoyable so here is Delia's new look she told me she loves it as she feels more like herself and not like the other more conventional dolls also Delia has a pet who she loves dearly his name is The Dark Horse.